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Manage Products

At the product management page, you can search for already created products. If you want to create a new product, select „Click to Add a New Product“ which will open the product details page.
The product search form:

Product IDThe product’s non-numerical ID
StatusThe status of the product. Available choices are:

Out of Stock
Stock warning
Approval – Approved
Approval – Pending
Approval – Declined

Product NameThe product’s name/title
Sort bySorting for the product search results.

Available choices are:

Product Title
Unit price (min-max)
Unit price (max-min)
Product ID

CategorySearch for products in all or specific categories
Select VendorSearch for products from a specific vendor
Product TagsSearch for products with specific tags
Product TemplatesSearch for products that are flagged as template products or not. Available choices are:

All Products
Template Products
Non Template Products

If a search was successful, you will see a list with available products that match your search criteria. In this list, additional actions are available for products.

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