IXXO Cart Plus

IXXO Cart Plus

For more advanced online traders there is nothing better to help them out with their ecommerce website than the IXXO Cart Plus edition. This mighty tool offers everything needed for a great online trading experience and much more!

Not only that it includes almost every imaginable option when it comes to payments and shipping, but it also provides some great tools for SEO and SMO. This allows a huge turnaround and reaching the clientele that is simply out of reach for most of the competitors. As one of the most important things in the modern trade is to get to the customer first, this gives you the edge that simply can’t be beaten.

The IXXO Cart Plus Edition is available as the Wordpress template, Joomla plug-in (for Joomla versions 2.5 and 3.1) and also as a standalone tool. This provides the abundance of opportunities to design your ecommerce website in the way you feel is the best and most effective.

With the entire arsenal of SEO tools, a Facebook store option that allows you to trade directly on the most popular social network on the web and almost infinite payment options, the IXXO Cart Plus will allow you to make some serious impact in the world of online trading and some serious income as well.

You can always upgrade your Basic Edition to a Plus Edition and if you manage to achieve the constant growth, it is also possible to upgrade to Multi Vendor Edition at any time with a simple click of the mouse. The licence is perpetual (one-time payment only) and considering the features offered there is no other tool in this price range that can match IXXO Cart Plus. Overall it is THE BEST product in its class available on the market today!

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