Powerful Multi-Vendor Software

Designed For Growth & Flexibility
More Features than any other
Shopping Cart Software

Designed For Growth & Flexibility
More Features than any other
Shopping Cart Software

Designed For Growth & Flexibility
More Features than any other
Shopping Cart Software



At IXXO we challenge the common practice of scaling back-end features and having you to pay extra. All our products are fully featured to power your business right out-of-the-box.
We combine development and integration know-how to help you maximize the value of your investment in the IXXO products so you can focus on your business.



At IXXO we believe in enablement and empowerment. Our services aim at providing your business with the flexibility, options and speed to meet your challenges!
IXXO services cater to all your needs, just in time and just enough of what you need. You pay for what you need when you need it.



We are there when you need it the most. Our support team provides 24/7 assistance and you can always count on our professional support agents. You can contact us either through our toll free 800 number, talk to a real person by 'live chat', or submit a support request through the IXXO Support portal. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Enterprise Class
Multi-Vendor Software

Developed on
Extensive Research, User Reviews and Need Analysis

IXXO Multi-Vendor is a web-based marketplace platform where individual vendors sell their products and services through a single storefront with each vendor having a mini store. One of the many advantages of online marketplaces is that potential buyers choose multi-vendor marketplaces more than traditional online stores. This is because of a wider range of products as well as services and of more competitive pricing.

Why IXXO Multi-Vendor Software

We power engineering through our broad functionalities, wide-ranging expertise as well as superb working experience to transform online prospective into enterprise-level benefits.

Mobile Ready

Multi-Vendor software that enables you to start an online marketplace that is elegant on tablets and smartphones that is great for both your website visitors and your marketplace Google rankings.

Search Engine Optimized

Also, IXXO Multi-Vendor features a whole collection of innovative search engine optimisation tools and features to have your eCommerce business to first page rankings in search engines.

Start your own online multi-vendor shopping mall today and offer your customers a top-notch online marketplace with IXXO Multi-Vendor.

IXXO is better and different!

Optimized for Growth

Other eCommerce providers promise high levels of innovation with new and exciting features to come that will significantly improve your business, but never deliver! At Ixxocart, we are constantly innovating and working tirelessly to bring you those features now, making the platform better than any other in its class.

IXXO Cart stands out from its competition because of its excellent out-of-the-box features. IXXO delivers almost 600+ eCommerce features that enable you to configure your online store and take your business to the next level. We offer features not found in any other eCommerce software as these features have been designed and developed after extensive research and analysis of buyers and sellers. IXXO is taking eCommerce to unprecedented heights to drive your business.

Focus on
growing your

Let IXXO take care of the rest

The IXXO platform handles all the products and services needs for your customers, from secure payment to shipping so that you can focus on your business.


All you need in one place

IXXO provides you with a unified platform to manage your business, whether you run a single store or a marketplace, with no coding experience required.

All in one

Your vision
your business

The secret sauce

IXXO provides you with all the tools that you will need to start a successful online business. With stylish themes to choose from, affordable hosting packages, domain registration service, custom development services as well as 24/7 professional support, you get more for less.


Power your business to be mobile

IXXO storefront themes are developed from the ground up to be mobile ready and work flawlessly, no matter how your customers are shopping

Best Multi-Vendor Software
for Online Marketplaces

Start your own online mall with IXXO Multi-Vendor

With more than 1000 built-in eCommerce features and endless possibilities to help your vendors manage their stores, sell more and process their orders with ease. Allow your vendors to personalise their mini stores while keeping them consistent with your marketplace overall design and stand out from their competition.

Whether you're starting an online marketplace, selling handcrafted, vintage or starting a multi-seller fashion online mall – IXXO Multi-Vendor has you covered all the way.

Go Mobile with fully native mobile apps

Boost mobile sales and conversions with IXXO native mobile apps

With the IXXO iOS and Android Native Mobile applications, you can offer the perfect shopping experience for all your mobile users, as opposed to the hybrid solution. The native IXXO eCommerce mobile applications provide an excellent opportunity for vendors and users to manage their accounts and mini stores.

Start your Own Multi-Restaurant
Food Delivery Service

For restaurants, takeaways, coffee shops

The food delivery add-on which is packed with great and powerful features will make your online ordering and reservation business as seamless as ever.

With the IXXO food ordering addon visitors can search for restaurants and fast food shops based on their food choices, location, distance and many more.

Track anything, anywhere. With real-time order tracking, location and status updates, it's easy to know where your package is at all times.

With the IXXO driver signup system users can sign up as drivers and deliver selected orders.


Integrated with PayPal Adaptive and PayPal for Marketplaces that can split a payment among a number of vendors and deduct your commission.

Stripe Connect

A powerful routing and payout engine for marketplaces that makes it easy to send money to recipients, no matter your business model.


Save time and maximize your vendor's selling potential with the eBay Synchronization add-on to connect their store inventory to their eBay listings.


Easy to use auctions plugin allows vendors an easy and quick way to set up auctions for their products.

Facebook Store

Setup a facebook store and expand the reach of your online store by connecting with Facebook’s millions of users.

Blog Plugin

Built-in eCommerce Blog Feature to instantly create a blog on your store to engage more audience.

Live Chat

The live chat module allows admins and vendors to communicate with visitors in Real-Time.

Reward Points

Shoppers love rewards, and with IXXO’s included Reward Points Plugin you can increase customer repeat purchases.

Responsive Design

Out-of-the-box responsive web design offers a huge opportunity to increase sales on eCommerce sites.

We are fully GDPR compliant!

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The IXXO Cart GDPR plugin is meant to assist a Controller and Data Protection Officer (DPO) in meeting the obligations and rights enacted under the GDPR.

  • Clients will have to accept the Legal info and allow collecting cookies
  • Authorised use of data and communication
  • Display on the front page the "Legal info" buttons
  • Choose the position of the "Infobox" on the page
  • Increased security measures

SaaS eCommerce

Fully managed and worry-free service

IXXO SaaS is hosted and fully managed all-in-one shopping cart software that's ready to use out-of-the-box. With IXXO's SaaS eCommerce platform you can expect fast deployment, worry-free updates, scalability, reliability, secure hosting and hundreds of powerful built-in features to grow your online business.

Booking Engine

Appointment Scheduling System

IXXO Booking System is designed to make online reservations so easy that your customers will love it. With flexible appointment planning and efficient customer management, your customers can quickly view real-time availability, self-book appointments and even pay online.

Online Demo

Here is what our clients

think about IXXO Multi Vendor Software

I cannot say enough about how easy and flexible ixxo shopping cart is to use. The whole IXXO team is professional and great people to work with.

Ray Herrman

IXXO met and exceeded our expectations on every level. We highly recommend IXXO Cart to anyone looking for a quality product and accessible staff.

Beckie Wolsky

Very responsive and always willing to help support team. The platform is developing at an exciting rate with new features and well worth the investment.

Alan Hadley

IXXO Multi-Vendor
With IXXO's team help I was able to start a profitable marketplace in 4 months. Without IXXO's help it would have been impossible.

Lucas Pertini

IXXO Multi-Vendor

We don’t call it “Best Multi-Vendor Platform” for nothing.
Our award-winning, Multi-Vendor Platform is all developed
in-house and ready to help you grow your business.

Awards & Quality Certificates


ixxo cart premium usability award ixxo cart rising star award

Read the full review for Multi-Vendor Software by Finances Online

in House

All projects and software
development are managed
and kept in-house


In addition we maintain a technology watch that drives our product evolution, innovation and depth of knowledge to provide you with cutting edge solutions


Committed to innovate and expand our
eCommerce solution to help
our merchants are successful in eCommerce

Create your own marketplace like eBay, Amazon or Etsy

Above all IXXO comes with cutting edge technology that places you ahead of your competition. IXXO Multi-Vendor software is the only eCommerce platform that will help you create a thriving online marketplace. Furthermore, you can build your online marketplace with IXXO very quickly and the need to be a web developer with extensive knowledge of HTML or CSS is no longer needed. Whether you already have an online store or want to create a new one, we are here to help you launch your marketplace platform and this in a short time frame as possible. Together we can plan your project and host the marketplace with IXXO on a dedicated server. With this being said your job will then be to manage the platform when it's gone live and growing. Building an online marketplace with IXXO Multi-Vendor software has never been easier.

Expert Support

Because of our dedicated support team of experts we are ready to help you through every step of the process 24/7 all year round


Synchronize your products or vendor products with eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Google Shopping, right from your store

All you need out of the box

Everything out-of-the-box for creating a complete eCommerce website, online store, marketplace and blog

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Select from a wide range of mobile-ready templates and get full control to customise them to match your brand


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