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for Online Marketplaces and Single Seller Online Stores

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We specialize
in the development
of eCommerce solutions

Founded in 2002, by a group of eCommerce enthusiasts who wanted to provide the most effective, easy-to-use eCommerce solution for online businesses. We are dedicated to our mission to develop timely and cost effective tools for running online businesses. We are a web software development oriented team specializing in eCommerce platforms.

Our vision
the power of
eCommerce worldwide

Our customers mean everything to us, and the entire IXXO team remains committed to do whatever it takes to help our merchants be successful in eCommerce. We satisfy the demands of our customers by maintaining the highest quality standards, and become recognized as their highly respected eCommerce provider and partner.

The continued success of our customers is what drives us forward and we will not stop to innovate and expand our platform in an effort to support every IXXO customer realize their entrepreneurial and business dreams.


Our goal is to provide a solution that caters to the needs of everyone involved in the system where the primary entity is the customer, then the store owner and vendor.

Our customers want great results, we
want them to succeed and we support them do this