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We strongly believe that you can only go as far as the technology of your eCommerce platform can take you. If you are looking to open a marketplace then you need a trusted partner who can provide you with a reliable eCommerce software that is packed with the eCommerce features to support you all the way and here at IXXO is what we do best

Multi-Vendor software for a new world of eCommerce

We help you grow your online business


Multi-Vendor Software Developed for
entrepreneurs & high-volume
online stores

We develop IXXO Multi-Vendor software to help entrepreneurs and online businesses to easily open an online marketplace where multiple vendors sell their products or services on a single storefront with vendor stores. Your marketplace can host unlimited number of vendors, categories and products where the marketplace owner has full control over every single feature of the platform regardless if it's a backend or storefront feature.
With either IXXO Multi-Vendor Standalone or IXXO Multi-Vendor for WordPress you can start your online marketplace like Amazon, Etsy, AliExpress or eBay hassle-free.

What is IXXO Multi-Vendor

Online Marketplace Software

Create your own eBay, Etsy or Amazon Marketplace

IXXO Multi-Vendor is an eCommerce platform to create an online marketplace in which independent vendors can sell their products or services through a single storefront like Amazon or Etsy. Vendors are the merchants who through a dedicated vendor dashboard can manage their products or services and sell them online through their mini stores that are provided by the marketplace. With IXXO Multi-Vendor you can host unlimited number of vendors and the vendor registration is a simple process. Just like on Etsy, eBay or Amazon, every vendor runs his own mini-store and pays commission from their sales or a subscription depending on the marketplace's commission policy.

Marketplace Technology for Multi-Vendor eCommerce

Overview of the key features

  • Multiple sellers all operating through a single storefront
  • Seller profiles with their own store area and custom web content
  • Vendors can manage their store through two simple interfaces
  • Available as Standalone and as a WordPress Plugin
  • Payments to vendors and owing balances can be logged and calculated
  • Vendors can list items for auction
  • Users can buy items from multiple vendors in a single order
  • Global and vendor specific shipping and tax calculations
  • Vendors may choose to use the store default or setup their own shipping methods
  • Vendor product widgets can be used on any social website
  • Vendors can view statistics and orders on the vendor level
  • Create unlimited Vendor Subscription Packages
  • New order email notifications to vendors, users and admins
  • Predefined product templates
  • Unlimited Number of Vendor Accounts and Products
  • Option for vendors to modify the look and feel of their mini store
  • Vendors can setup tax rules based on product classes and location
  • Live Chat add-on for vendors
  • Ticket Support System available to users, vendors and admins

Why Choose IXXO Multi-Vendor

to build your Dream Marketplace

The All-in-One Marketplace Solution

IXXO Multi-Vendor is your powerhouse to help you open and run a high-volume marketplace

An all-in-one multi-vendor software developed for the serious entrepreneur and business owner packed with vendor oriented features, latest SEO standards, mobile-ready themes and marketing tools to help you increase sales

The Only Multi-Vendor Oriented Platform

7 + 1 Reasons to Choose IXXO Multi-Vendor Platform

  • Multi Vendor marketplace platforms are proving to be the most successful platforms to sell online products or services
  • IXXO Multi Vendor is the absolute platform to start your online marketplace as it provides the ideal environment for vendors and service providers to sell online through a single store
  • IXXO Multi Vendor is powerful and armed with out-of-the-box features that will help your online business grow
  • Fully managed eCommerce service (SaaS) on our high-performance network ensures that your marketplace is always online
  • When you buy any IXXO Multi Vendor license you get one year free technical support 
  • IXXO Multi Vendor is available as a Standalone Application* as well as a WordPress Plugin that delivers all the extensive features of the standalone into into your WordPress Blog
  • Our consulting and technical teams have the know-how and eCommerce best practices to help you deploy efficiently your online marketplace
  • Our team of experts are at your service 24/7 to help you setup and launch your marketplace to meet your business requirements

Build a Marketplace that Ranks

Get ahead
of the competition
with tools to help you
increase conversion rates

  • Get a SEO ready online marketplace
  • Access over 600 built-in features
  • Trusted by thousands of big and small businesses
  • Developed on the industry's latest technologies

Our Customers Sell More

More Standard Features than any other eCommerce Software

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Enterprise Class Marketplace Platform

An end-to-end Multi-Vendor marketplace platform to accelerate your business revenue and potential. Take advantage of IXXO Multi-Vendor solution to drive more traffic and boost revenue

Powerful Order Management

Process orders quickly or change the status of multiple orders with 1-click. Take phone orders, handle returns with IXXO's built-in RMA feature and sync orders with eBay & Amazon. The intuitive order management will adapt to the requirements of your business

Additional Services

Here at IXXO we go beyond the software by offering a bundle of business services including custom development, design, search engine optimization, social media marketing and many more

Not convinced?

We got more and more reasons to choose IXXO Cart


Exceptionally easy to use admin panels focusing on admins and vendors with no technical knowledge, that will help them save time and stay on top


We understand the importance of SEO and its role in search engine ranking and we have developed the tools to help you on-page optimization


You're not alone in this. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help you and answer all possible questions that you might have about setting up your marketplace.


We made it easy for you so you can seamlessly integrate Google tracking tools like Google Analytics and  Google Analytics Conversions


Fully managed, worry-free eCommerce hosting environment that delivers to your business the power, scalability and reliability it needs to grow


Sitewide HTTPS and anti-fraud tools to protect your customers' and vendors' information,providing confidence in your marketplace


With the bulk upload feature vendors can easily add and edit their products, product images within seconds.


Direct integration with the major shipping providers delivers real-time quotes before and during checkout


Unlimited vendor subscription plans with different commission or pricing and tie vendors to different groups

Already picturing the future right?

And we're not even done, we have more!

Built-in Blog

Easy to use eCommerce
Blogging Module right into your online marketplace

We make it easy for you to start your blog right into
your store that enables blogging functionality as a feature
of your online marketplace

  • Option to assign products directly to the article
  • Option to create different categories of articles

Built-in Live Chat

Engage with customers
to increase your sales and
improve customer service

Live chat is proven to be the fastest way to help your customers. Vendors can answer customer questions about a product immediately and offer help when they need it most

Built-in F.A.Q

Get more control
over customer interaction
and focus on questions that
matter the most

Manage everything in one place and answer the right questions. Adding a Frequently Asked Questions section to your online marketplace will empower your customers to help themselves by finding answers to their questions

Built-in Food Delivery Service

Start your own marketplace for online food ordering service and be the next FoodPanda Zomato, or GrubHub

Built-in online food ordering system for single or multiple restaurants

Built-in Booking System

Powerful & Easy Scheduling
for service providers and consultants

  • Perfect for therapists, photographers and car washing
  • For schools and teachers who offer private lessons
  • For guided tour companies and outdoor activity providers
  • Perfect for escape rooms, guided tours, charters and more

IXXO is More than Just a Marketplace Software


Power-up your Multi-Vendor marketplace with the Auctions Plugin with online bidding to boost vendors' sales


Setup and manage free trial periods to allow vendors to register for a free trial to see how easy it is to manage their products

Live Cart Tracking

With the IXXO live Cart tracking feature the store owner is able to track all the current orders in process at any point of time. 


PayPal for Marketplaces sends commissions to your account and distributes payments between vendors


A powerful routing and payout engine that makes it easy to send money to your vendors, no matter your business model


The Daily Deals Module allows vendors to promote products as daily deals into your marketplace  completely automated

More Features to Market your Store

The easy way to build your marketplace

  • Multiple sellers all operating through a single storefront
  • Seller profiles with their own store area and custom web content
  • Vendors can manage their store through two simple interfaces
  • Available as Standalone and as a WordPress Plugin
  • Payments to vendors and owing balances can be logged and calculated
  • Vendors can list items for auction
  • Users can buy items from multiple vendors in a single order
  • Global and vendor specific shipping and tax calculations
  • Vendors may choose to use the store default or setup their own shipping methods
  • Vendor product widgets can be used on any social network or website to increase sales
  • Vendors can view statistics & orders on vendor level
  • Create unlimited Vendor Subscription Packages

Admin Features

Controlling your marketpkace has never been easier

Best-in-Class Admin Features

Complete control over your marketplace through a powerful admin control panel

Marketplace Admin

The marketplace administrator is the person who controls every feature of the marketplace through the powerful  administration panel. Admins can track and review all actions taken by vendors & users

Admin Roles

The marketplace admin has root access to the marketplace and can add more admins with different roles and privileges to manage different tasks such as the design, orders, communication and many more

Vendor Plans

Admins can create unlimited vendor subscription plans with each plan having different conditions such as the fee, commission and allowed number of products a vendor can upload

Vendor Payments

Automated payments to vendors are handled by PayPal for Marketplaces or Stripe Connect. Both payment processors are capable to split payments between admins & vendors

Manual Vendor Payments

You're always up-to-date with the powerful vendor accounting feature that records every vendors' sale, calculates admin commission and records payments to each vendor

Vendor Commissions

Admins can define the commission rates for the vendors on per vendor basis or vendor groups. The commission could be set setup as a flat rate, a percentage or both

Fully Scalable to Grow with you

Admin tools to easily manage and moderate your marketplace

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Product Approval System

Admins can choose to either allow vendors upload their products without any moderation or force admins to moderate vendor products before they are added to the marketplace catalog

Powerful Administration Panels

Administration control panels that empower complete control over your marketplace and allow you to monitor and manage orders, products, vendor payments and take detailed reports and statistics. The whole marketplace is within the admin’s power

Statistics and Reports

The more your team knows, the smarter decisions they will make. Integrated with Google Analytics to give you detailed insights about your marketplace traffic and marketing performance

Vendor Management

A sophisticated and flexible vendor management system that allows administrators to individually manage and control vendor privileges within the marketplace

Reservations & Appointments

With the booking services plugin you can create your own online marketplace where vendors sell their services like renting rooms, make restaurant reservations, make a spa or even a doctor appointment

Digital Goods

If selling digital products is what you ever wanted you can get started. With IXXO you can allow vendors to sell digital goods and distribute images, photos, games, tickets or even software

Facebook Store

With only a few minutes of setup you can connect your marketplace with your Facebook and offer vendors the opportunity to sell and promote their products on Facebook

100+ Payment Methods

Admins can setup any one of the plug-and-play payment processors available right from the admin panel.  Buyers can checkout even if their cart contains products from different vendors

Local Shopping

Convert your online store into a Geolocated marketplace for local online shopping. Users will be surprised to find out that products are just a few minutes' walk from their  home or location

Vendor Features

Most powerful features and all included

Multi-Vendor software for a new world of eCommerce

We help you grow your online business

Connect with
Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook
and more

Allow vendors to sync their products with all your sale channels

  • ebay logo
  • amazone logo
  • google logo
  • facebook logo
  • shopzilla logo


Real-time and manual shipping calculations made easy. Vendors can setup their own custom shipping methods or use shipping carriers for real-time shipping calculations

Vendor Panel

Each vendor gets access to a separate vendor panel to manage their vendor account settings, upload their products, setup their shipping and taxes and manage their orders


IXXO Multi-Vendor is the only real multi-language eCommerce platform that allows your vendors to set their products in any language including RTL languages like Arabic

With Powerful Vendor Features

Your vendors will never get stuck

Order Rating & Feedback

Feedback and Rating feature is a powerful tool for your buyers to rate their buying experience with vendors they had transactions with. Ratings are valuable indicators for sellers reputation

Vendor Account Balance

Vendors can view a detailed report with their account balance for a selected period of time to track the commission they paid to the marketplace as well as all payments they received

Vendor Pages

Provide vendors the option to add different content to their mini-stores and not just products. Vendors can create pages with their policies, upload videos, images and their daily deals

Vendor Sub-Accounts

Allow vendors to create vendor sub-accounts with different permissions for each sub-account user. Sub-account users have different roles can help the vendor to manage the store

Vendor Geolocation

The vendor Geolocation module shows the vendor location on a map and gives the option to the marketplace visitors to search for vendors by distance, show nearby vendors or chosen location

Vendor Store Appearance

Allow vendors to manage the design of their mini store. Vendors can create custom modules, change the colors, fonts, choose from different product page templates and many more

We got more vendor oriented features

Overview of the key features

  • Bulk Upload Products Listing
  • Bulk Product Manage
  • Bulk Category Import
  • Bulk Image Import
  • Vendor Coupon Codes
  • User Memberships
  • Vendor-Buyer Communication
  • Generate & Print Shipping Labels
  • Vendor Rating & Review
  • Vendor Vacation Mode
  • Frontend Vendor Panel
  • Smart Vendor Search (filters)
  • Vendor Daily Deals
  • Featured Vendors & Products
  • Stock Control & Low Stock Alerts
  • Vendor Related Products
  • Favorite Products
  • Follow Shop
  • Vendor Specific Taxes
  • Vendor Specific Shipping
  • Smooth Checkout & Payments
  • SMS & Email Notifications
  • Choose Shipping Date
  • Easy Vendor Signup
  • Vendor Catalog
  • Live Chat with Vendors

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