IXXO Cart On-Prem Server Requirements

If you are looking to host the IXXO Cart in your own servers at your location, then make sure to fulfil the below server requirements for a hassle-free installation of IXXO Cart.

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IXXO Cart was developed using the most powerful and extensively used scripting tools on the internet (PHP and MySQL). PHP is a server-side scripting language for creating dynamic Web pages and is most often compared to ASP, Java or Perl. But unlike these other languages, PHP has an advantage in that it is truly an open-source language that can be used on multiple server environments. PHP is considered to be faster, easier to understand, and easier to customize.

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PHP Compatbility

Compatible with PHP 7.x



MySQL 5.6 or above


Supported Operatng Systems

Linux x86, x86-64


Server hostng setup:

Should be able to run crontab in PHP


Required Extensions

  • GD with Free Font support
  • Zlib with zip support
  • DOM
  • Mbstring should be enabled
  • Iconv functon should be enabled
  • Fileinfo functon should be enabled
  • Ioncube Loader
    - Safe_mode of
    - Set Memory_limit 32M or more

Supported Web Servers

Apache 2.2.x & 2.4.x